Email Forwarders

This interface allows you to configure an email address to forward incoming emails to another address. This is useful if, for example, you want to use one email address to check emails addressed to multiple accounts.

To create a new email forwarder, click Forwarders in the email section of cPanel.


First, choose your email address that you want to be the forwarder.  The email address you choose has to be on a domain already in use on your cPanel account.  Second, choose the email address where you want the email to be forwarded.




Once your forwarder is setup, you have the ability to view and delete the forwarders in the table below.




Domain forwarders redirect incoming email for invalid addresses to another domain.  The Forward All Email for a Domain table lists all of the domain forwarders for your account.


Domain forwarders only forward email when the system cannot deliver it to an address or autoresponder. For example, if you create a domain forwarder from the domain to the domain and someone sends an email to the address, the following actions will occur:

If a address or autoresponder exists, the system will not forward the email.

If a address or autoresponder does not exist, the system will forward the email to

Domain forwarders override the settings in cPanel’s Default Address interface (cPanel >> Home >> Email >> Default Address).

The domain does not retain a copy of domain forwarded mail.



Once setup, you can view your email forwarders and "all email" forwarders at the bottom of the page.




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