A package is what determines the features and quotas for each cPanel account, it can be considered as a hosting plan. This is a key feature for all of our reseller hosting packages that can be found in the WHM. We provide three default packages that can be used when creating a new cPanel account. You have the ability to create as many and as customizable as you want.  One important thing to keep in mind when creating multiple cPanels with packages is that the total of all created cPanel allocated resources can not exceed the limit of the over all disk and bandwidth limit of the reseller hosting package. 


 The way to utilize the default package that we provide for your new cPanels is by login to your WHM and click on "Create a New Account" icon on the right side or by selection it on the left tool bar. This is where you are able to create new cPanels for your reseller package. On the page will display the default packages that we have created for our reseller customers to use. 



To create your own custom package you will need to click on "Add a Package"on the left tool bar. The page that loads up will ask you for the name that you have to associate this package and it allows you set up the limits and settings of the cPanel.


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