How to Verify Fraud Accounts- Internal

Once we receive a reply back from a customer with the requested verification documents of their account we will need to review the ticket to make sure they are not a fraudulent accounts.


First we would need to make sure that they sent us their ID and the screen shot of their registrar back end. The next thing to look for is their response of what their site will be about. We will need to make sure their response does not go against our ToS. After that we would need to confirm their mailing address is a valid one by comparing it to the signed up address and doing a google maps search. If they failed to provide any of these information we would need to reply back to them asking for any that they have missed. 


The main key points we need to review is the government issued photo ID and the back end screen shot of the registrar showing their whois information.  Bellow we will go over what we look for to verify the the account. 


Government Issued Photo ID

  • We do not accept ID that do not have a photo of the person on it. Some countries they do not have it because they are underage. 
  • Must display the fist and last name of the client 
  • If the date of birth is displayed on the ID make sure they are at least the age of 18
  • If the home address displays on the ID confirm that it matches their client account address
  • If its a ID type that you are not familiar with you will need to do a google search to confirm the authenticity of the ID 


Registrar Screen Shot

  • Must display a domain name that they plan on using on the account preferably the primary domain.
  • Must show the account holder full name.
  • Must also display a mailing address on the screen shot
  • If they can not provide a valid screen shot we will also accept them changing the nameservers to point to their hosting package.  



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