Reselling is the process of selling space from your own hosting account to your personal clients. Commonly this would be done through a Reseller hosting package since it allows you to create multiple cPanels to keep each of your customers site separate from each other. This gives you the option to give your clients cPanel access with out worrying that they will make changes to another clients site.   




Please keep in mind when creating your packages for the cPanel accounts is the over all disk usage. When creating a cPanel and assigning a package it will use the total allocated disk space and bandwidth set for the reseller account. The reason for this is that even if the majority of the quota is not being used the quoted space is still set aside for that cPanel. 




Currently we do not offer a billing software with our services that allows you to manage the billing of your customer.  The commonly used programs to manager billing is WHMCS and WISECP. Each have their pros and cons, we recommend to do some research into them to see which one meets your needs. We also provide articles on how to install these softwares WHMCS and WISECP



White labeling 

You have the option to customize the cPanel to display your own brand so that your client will see your logo instead of the cPanel logo. This will help make the cPanel look more personal to your hosting company. To make these type of changes you would need to follow this article

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