What is Idle IMAP?


Many email Clients allow for the IDLE Function of IMAP. This function leaves opens a connection on the mail server, meaning as soon as a new email has arrived, it alerts the mail client and pushes the new message though to the client.


Typically, with processes such as your site processes, they are opened for a very short amount of time, and then close. As this feature keeps the process running continuously, it can result in causing your account to exceed resources limitations which is why we recommend disabling this. The process for the most popular mail clients can be found below:

Mac Mail:

  • From the Mail drop-down, click on Preferences
  • Navigate to Accounts
  • Select your IMAP account from the list
  • Click on the Advanced tab and disable the Use Idle setting


*Please note that this option has been completely removed after OSX Yosemite

Outlook (2007):

  • Access Tools, then navigate to Send/Receive
  • Click on Send/Receive Settings
  • Select Define Send/Receive Groups
  • For each Group, Uncheck: Schedule an automatic send/receive every x minutes
  • Click Close.


Outlook (2010):

  • Go to the Send/Receive tab
  • Select Send/Receive Groups and click on Define Send/Receive Groups;
  • For each Group shown, Uncheck: Schedule an automatic send/receive every x minutes
  • Click Close.

Android K9 Mail:

  • Select your IMAP Email Account
  • Select More - Settings - Account Settings
  • Change Folder poll check frequency to Never.




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